Small Talk with Scott: Can We Pilz? Yes, We Can!

Today was quite the day, folks.

First, I woke up at home in East Hills with an actual full night’s sleep, a rarity. Then I realized my Detroit Bad Boys shirt, my newly found good-luck shirt, was clean. So I put it on and a sense of happiness rushed over me. Then I was hungry. I didn’t realize it was Fat Tuesday, so a stop at a packed-out Nantucket Bakery for a granola bar and some bronuts took me by surprise when I saw everyone coming out with boxes of paczkis. Somehow, I still didn’t realize it was Fat Tuesday, so I had my first bronut of the day for some much needed sustenance.

The Chosen Cans


Next, I’m in search of coffee for some much needed clarity. I pulled into the parking lot of the brewery, with Ingraberg Farm’s familiar box truck dropping off their Tuesday delivery, but blocking the way for a truck with a giant trailer – Michigan Mobile Canning, our all-in-one canning supplier for the day, was early. I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so I said my ‘hi’s and ‘wait a minute’s, and then snuck in to brew up a pot of Ferris coffee. Coffee in hand, I met with Josh and Andrew from Michigan Mobile Canning and we got everything loaded into the brewhouse.

While they set up, Vince, Randall, and I had some bronuts and more coffee and chilled, talking generally about how awesome this all was. Randall informed me that it was Fat Tuesday and everything was making a lot more sense 2 cups of coffee into the day.

We also couldn’t stop ogling the can. “It’s just so cute.” “So dope.” “So perfect,” we kept saying about James of Planted Media’s design, printed by Mossberg & Company in South Bend, Indiana.

Co-Owner Vince Lambert


Then we got started. Everything went amazingly well. Josh and Andrew ran a fun, clean, and professional operation depalletizing, labeling, sanitizing, purging, and filling the cans while Vince, Randall, and I snapped on carriers, put 4-packs in cases, made dumb jokes, and stacked cases on pallets.

Co-workers Kam, Gabe, and Devin stopped in along the way to say hi and noted how awesome it all was. We agreed. Then Jarrod stopped in to take photos, first of himself, then of all the canning action. We laughed. Then we finished – 109 cases total packaged. It wasn’t even noon yet, but it was time for a beer.



And dear lord what a good beer that was: our first canned beer, Creston Pilz, brewed with 100% Michigan ingredients.


The aroma was all bread, fresh cut hay, and floral notes from the heavy use of Zuper Saazer hops from Hop Head Farms in Hickory Corners, MI. The body was chewy but light, with a lasting toasty, cracker-like breadiness from the pilsner malt from Pilot Malthouse in Byron Center, MI. The finish was fresh and crisp from our house lager yeast with just a snap of bitterness from Nugget hops from Michigan Hop Alliance in Omena, MI, ending clean as can be from the pure Michigan water it was brewed with and just beckoning you for another sip. Creston Pilz in cans. Perfect for any occasion, paired with any food, and now, uber-portable in freshly packed 16 oz cans.

Freshly Filled Creston Pilz Cans


So, why did we choose Creston Pilz as our first canned offering? Well, it just represents what we try do so well: have a lot of fun at work and focus on building our community. One way to do that is with working with our friends through various local suppliers and we brew unmistakably clean, flavorful, delicious, and approachable beer from the natural products and resources from our great state.






Stop in to the taproom and take a 4 pack home with you today, or look for Creston Pilz and other Creston Brewery cans at your favorite stores and establishments coming along as we grow.



Thank you for the support Grand Rapids, we love you. Cheers!

Vince, Scott, Randall and Creston Pilz

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