Born in Escanaba, this native Yooper loves all things nature; hiking, camping, fishing, dancing her face off under the moon, and good conversations on porch stoops with cold brews and interesting people.

Summer is also an avid reader, yoga lover, and enjoys discovering new ways to get involved with the community of Grand Rapids. She spends most of her time with her incredibly patient and loving husband Michael, her sassy daughter Addison, and her BFF cousin Brooke. Summer considers herself an empath and is extremely curious about the inner workings of people…..who they really are, how they feel, etc. If this curiosity of hers leads to conversation too personal for your taste, feel free to tell her so. Summer also has the best big brother in the entire world and is madly in love with the Detroit Red Wings.


Summer’s goal at Creston is to give customers fast service, make them feel extremely glad they came, and be part of the reason they will return. Summer wants each customer of Creston to feel as comfortable and important as a guest in her home. She is excited to welcome you to your new favorite brewery!