Scott Schultz began his dream of starting a brewery in 2007 with a “summer job” as assistant brewer and bartender at The Hideout Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids, MI. When he realized how fun making beer was (as well as the financial reality of attending private Graduate School in Manhattan), he decided to focus on brewing for his career rather than the figurative gold and riches of cultural anthropology.

In 2010, Scott and his now-wife Molly travelled to Santiago, Chile to live, study, and travel. Being the tireless brewer that he is, Scott got a job brewing at Szot Microcervezeria just outside of Santiago making some damn fine ales and lagers with pure Andean water and local Patagonian malt. Then a giant 8.8 earthquake hit and a few months later, he was home and working at Founders Brewing Co. where he packaged, then cellared, and then brewed some of the best beer ever produced on planet Earth.

Creston Brewery began in earnest in July of 2014 with a business plan and a whole lot of home brewing – something Scott had to learn anew after the comforts of commercial brewing. In the meantime, Scott and his beautiful and talented wife Molly started the band Vox Vidorra with their friends, recorded the well-received record Promise Land, and played numerous shows across the midwest.

Once the business plan landed Scott and his partners the DeKorne Furniture Showroom at 1504 Plainfield in early 2015, well, the rest is history.

Long story short: Scott has a great life.