Begin Bio:

Born and raised all over the Grand Rapids area, Roger Haight is an adventurous, people loving conversationalist and all-around do-it-yourself-er…

After enjoying several years in the service industry, coordinating catered events for another local favorite – the wine merchant Martha’s Vineyard, Roger took some time off to play as a stay-at-home dad as well as creating a small business with his ever-charming and beautiful wife, Crystal.
More recently, Roger has dedicated time to developing his organic gardening skills, worm farming and restoring their 120 year-old house in addition to planning memorable camping trips throughout Michigan with his wife and their two silly kids.
When he heard what was going on in the old DeKornes building and who was involved, Roger suddenly found himself bit with a longing to be back in the thick of it and is excited to be joining the Creston Crew.

End Bio