AKA Mikey Mitt

A stargazing, daydreamer with the aspirations of accomplishing goals greater then himself. Born and (against his own will) raised in the ever growing city of Lansing. A recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a bachelors degree in Public Policy and a minor in Sociology that has temporarily taken a backseat to pursue a dream of working in the craft beer industry. He is your one Facebook friend who you no longer follow because he is constantly ranting about the political happenings of the world trying to enlighten and educate those who care to listen and those who have no other choice; he’s your one friend who swears he should be running for some sort of office.  An outdoorsmen who loves to take advantage of the all the activities the great mitten state has to offer from hiking the dunes of Sleeping Bear to kayaking mother Superior.  A beer geek who constantly is in search of the best brews, who loves everything surrounding the industry from the artwork that covers 6 packs to the millions of hops that make each beer rare and unique. He’s a life adventurer at heart with a soft spot for kitties.