If I ever had to fill out a questionnaire for a dating website, I’m sure it would read something like this: I am a GR native and MSU alum, but am a wolverine fan. I have several addictions which include buying books, the Real Housewives, mezcal, documentaries and cheese. I have a degree in women’s studies and history, which I use every day – I just don’t get paid for it. I am a former GR Pulaski Queen, the daughter of an amateur vineyard grower and the little sister of a master brewer, who brews in Pennsylvania. I enjoy cooking as much as I do take-out, but can’t say I have a favorite cuisine. It is my dream to someday publish a book and run a wine consulting business (successfully, of course). In my free time, I work for an orchard, as well in private events; I also serve on the GR Marathon Committee.

And I really do enjoy long walks on the beach.