Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Alessia is inspired by the incredible changes taking place throughout the city (urban development, neighborhood improvement, etc).  She comes from a large, close-knit family, where she fulfilled the role of “garbage disposal,” meaning she would eat all the scraps left on her siblings’ plates at the end of dinner. That pretty much sums up her formative years. Alessia attended North Park University in Chicago where she earned a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature. Equipped with her degree, Alessia returned to Grand Rapids and began her career in human services (specifically within the mentally ill community). The next fifteen years of her life were devoted to the field, proving that you really can do anything with a BA in English Lit.

Alessia and her husband, Jim, currently live on the SE side of Grand Rapids with their three children. They enjoy riding bikes, camping, going to the beach and spending time with their enormous family.

In her spare time, Alessia enjoys torturing herself at spin class at the “Y” (spinners slang for “YMCA”) and going on long walks where she can contemplate the nothingness of the universe. She is also an amateur photographer who enjoys taking photos of her kids, family and unsuspecting dogs. Alessia also enjoys traveling, either by car or plane. She has visited China, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Spain not to mention countless National Parks and cities in the US. 
Alessia is thrilled to join the Creston Family and shares their vision of bringing a welcoming environment, great service and, of course, great beer to the Creston neighborhood!